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Internets Available in Arkansas; Accessed by Hog Fans

Lanny Beavers, owner of a very unfortunate name, as well as, on a more relevant note, the popular Arkansas athletics site Hogville, sat down with some no-shoed cave-dweller from Arkansas Democrat Gazette for an interview (conducted at Lanny's house which he, reportedly, calls "The Beaver Trap") published today.

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette asked Beavers if he would rather that his Razorbacks beat Ole Miss or Texas in the 2008 season, and he responded, after realizing that the reporter was there for an interview and not a scandalous Cinemax-style sexual encounter and pushing the button that hid his fully-stocked bar and heart-shaped velvet bed behind a false wall, that he would rather beat Ole Miss in the 2008 season.

That's an easy one for me - Ole Miss. I never really liked Ole Miss, anyway, and now that "The Coach That Was Fired"is there, I want them so much that I bought a boatload of tickets for that game from Ole Miss, and am going to give them away on our sites. I wish the game was tomorrow.

Though I really appreciate the legitimate hate - I'm honored really - Lanny must be a sexual deviant AND a complete moron. For a football program with a historic rival that will no doubt be ranked in or near the Top 10 in virtually every pre-season poll to direct its primary hate-beams at Ole Miss is, really, very flattering.

It's either flattering or thirteen tons of Petrino-grade crazy.