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It's amazing that we cann afford to grayshirt a guy like Andre Sterling. Don't let the stars and lack of offers fool you. This guy is a phenomenal running back. No one recruited him because no one thought he would qualify. He had 345 carries for 2,717 yards and 30 TD's in his senior year alone (according to Rivals). Sterling is a workhorse back that we don't have at Ole Miss right now. Apparently though, he's not quite big enough yet. Weighing in at only 190 pounds, it makes sense. Since he has a bruising running style, he needs more weight and muscle in order to compete in the SEC. While his stats are different on the a preps website, they could be discounting the playoffs. Anyway, they're still really impressive.

Check out the run at the 3:10 mark.

After signing with Ole Miss, Sterling defied all odds and earned a qualifying score on the ACT and got his core GPA up to where he needed it. Still, the coaches want him to go to Hargrave so that he can "get bigger and stronger." This is obviously a situation where we are thanking Hargrave and Coach Prunty for the 45 guys we signed from hargrave this year. That's fine. They get a dominant running back since we oversigned. We didn't need him this year anyway. Plus, it's very likely that Sterling will honor his commitment since Prunty loves Nutt and encourages people to honor their commitments anyway.

Because of our depth at halfback, we don't really have to get him on campus right now. That means that we'll have this guy redshirting in 2009-2010 and ready to play for four years afterwards. Also, he'll get done at Hargrave in December, so he'll be here this spring with 5 1/2 to play 4.

I think that our runningback situation is going to continue to improve as long as our head coach is a NUTT. Please note the new tag. Nutty jokes are awesome!