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Got Coke?

Jimmy Johns does.

I think I've referenced before how much I enjoy the eventual downfall of Magnolia State players who choose the University of Alabama. See Grant, Terry. Jimmy Johns was Mississippi's Mr. Football in 2004. Now, of course, he's graduated from "Mr. Football" to "Dr. Feelgood."

TUSCALOOSA - University of Alabama linebacker Jimmy Johns has been arrested and charged with several counts of selling cocaine, according to Tuscaloosa Police Department spokesman Capt. Greg Kosloff.

Is Jimmy Johns evil because he went to the University of Alabama, or did he simply choose the University of Alabama because he is evil. Tough to say. The Alabama football program is a textbook moral downward spiral, but only he with the blackest of hearts would ever consider it in the first place.

Anyway, here's to Jimmy Johns - part-time Alabama football player; full-time coke-dealer - against whom the charges will almost certainly be dropped. Roll Tide!