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A Friday Query

One of our welcome friends from Fayetteville, floating somewhere between "glad Houston Nutt left" and "super-pissed that Ole Miss hired Houston Nutt" posed an interesting thought (paraphrased below):

Your retarded AD [Pete Boone] will fire Houstone Nutt before Bobby Petrino even thinks about leaving Fayetteville.

Now, let's work through this, together. We are asked to compare the immediacy of two events, uncertain to occur: Houston Nutt's forcible termination as head coach at Ole Miss and Bobby Petrino's inclination (however slight) to voluntarily leave Arkansas.

With regard to that immediacy, do we mean a trifling inclination? Fleeting? As in, say a passing fancy? Are we asking if Petrino has yet laid in his comfy bed and wondered, "Would I take the Florida job and leave Arkansas if it were offered to me?" Or are we asking if Petrino intends, very much, to depart when the first opportunity arises?

Let's assume the latter, since it is very likely that even while performing that really awkward pig sooie dance he was thinking about what might come next. Because let's be honest - Nutt and Petrino have very different faults. Nutt wears funny hats, has the crazies, and is interested in meteorology. Petrino, on the other hand, is the football equivalent of Bathsheba.

So, let's refine and restate the question - Whose tenure is more likely to end first and in the expressed manner? Bobby Petrino voluntarily or Houston Nutt forcibly?