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Football Euthenasia

I happen to know that a few State fans casually peruse the cup, so, in an effort at equal opportunity, let me note at the beginning that this little bit is not about the Pop Warner expansion teams in Shanghai.

It's about the Northeast Mississippi Daily Urinal (as they like to call it on Supertalk) the destruction of a football landmark in Mississippi - Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium.

Apparently the same retards that can't seem to ever pass a budget in Mississippi on time have decided that Memorial Stadium needs somewhere between $50 million and $150 million (so that's really the best ballpark figure you can come up with?) in renovations to be safe and enjoyable.

Unless, they can load that baby up on a semi and get it out Action Jackson, I don't think it's ever going to be "safe," but Mississippians get a lot of pleasure out of having a 60,000 person stadium in the Capital City.

I don't want to spend either the $50 million that the Clarion-Ledger reports that Memorial Stadium needs (and certainly not the $150 million that the Daily Journal reports), but I can remember how cool it was when my rinky-dink public high school played for a state title in Memorial Stadium. And as long as that bad boy isn't just pissing away tax dollars, I'd like to keep it around.

Also, why is everyone so quick to tear down Jackson State's home stadium? This racism is killing me inside.