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Corralling the West

Ladies and Gentlemen, the star for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Well now we know who will be carrying the load for Arkansas in 2008. Cory McCartney at CNNSI writes that Arkansas' 2008 season will rest on the shoulders of Casey Dick. Here's hoping that works out real well for them.

I hear Ron Polk's available. Auburn Athletics officials are being coy about the vacant position of head baseball coach on the Plains, and the Dothan Eagle reports that no candidates have interviewed for the job yet. Might I suggest Rob Rheyensteddle (sic)?

Got more personalities than Rack 'Em Willie. The SEC Regular Season Champs tried to feel the Bulldog bite this weekend by losing a Friday night game to Lipscomb and trying to make the SEC look stupid, but Georgia
hammered in-state rival Georgia Tech last night to advance to Super Regional play. They'll face North Carolina State on Friday in Athens. On another note, I've been looking all over the 'tubes for this Gordon Beckham web gem from Sunday. If you didn't see it on Sportscenter this past Lord's Day, I guess you'll just have to go through life wondering what might have been because it was just sick, man.