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Basketball Recruiting

This upcoming weekend is going to be an important one for Ole Miss basketball as the Rebels marquee prospect, Trenton Marshall, will be attending AK's basketball camp. Marshall is a 6'5 small forward who may be considered the top JUCO player in the nation next season (I hope not).

The staff thinks the world of this prospect and even held over the scholarship opened up by Terrence Watson's departure to ensure they had a spot available for Mr. Marshall. Adding Marshall will only further strengthen our backcourt, which highly regarded recruiting analyst sunshine-pumper, Yancy Porter, describes as the best backcourt in the nation.

We here at RSC recognize the idiocy of this statement and do not even partially agree, but we are very excited at the chance of adding someone of Marshall's caliber and of the future of the basketball program here at Ole Miss.

Final Note: Bids for the BPF will be reviewed on June 19 from what I have gathered.