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At Least We're not...

UAB. This school is pathetic even by Conference USA standards, whether it is their lack of attendance for nearly all its sports, being more classless than Memphis fans, or taking advantage of 15 year old prodigies UAB fails at nearly all aspects.

The newest addition to a list of UAB embarrassments is the addition of what appears to be a miniature golf course in front of their basketball arena.

Blaze (seen in the link because I'm too retarded to correctly post a picture) looks like something straight out of a Gatlinburg, Tennessee goofy golf course. The worst part of it is that their fans seem to be ok with this monstrosity in front of their arena and the proof can be found in this thread.

So, next time you want to complain about David Wells trying to sabotage the football program (if you honestly believe that you're a moron) or that Pete Boone is the most incompetent/moronic AD in college athletics take solace in the fact that the worst thing we have done is a daytime fire works show and not some dragon statue made by some Boy Scout troop in Birmingham.