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Anything You Can Do, We Can Do ... Maybe.

Now that Ole Miss has announced Yates Construction as the winning bid for our basketball practice facility (tenatively named the Kennedy-Corleone Center), A & M has decided that it might like to build a toy of its own.

This seems to me to be like a situation where your greasy cousin who was the assistant drum major at his public high school decides that he wants to join your fraternity.

[T]he need for such an amenity wasn't really brought to the forefront until Ben Hansbrough publicly stated last April the main reason he decided to transfer was due to the lack of a practice facility.

Oh, well, sweet Jesus, you better get right on that Stansbury. What's next? I can hear Nate Banks' ultimatum now - bowl in the North End Zone or I'm gone!

New athletics director Greg Byrne said the construction of a facility, which will feature separate courts for men and women, is a high priority and that high-dollar donors are being sought.

The exact location of where it will be built is still being discussed, while costs will range from $6-12 million, depending on how much money is raised.

Cue the Dickie Scruggs joke. Best of luck putting that donor package together, Greg. If you get strapped for you cash, maybe you can just sell some extra cheese. Seriously, though, once that fundraising phase is behind you, I've got some pretty attractive architectural and design suggestions.