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And so it comes to an end.....

With the pommelling at the hands of Miami, the Rebels can finally stop not living up to the expectations that this season brought. We, as fans, can quit hoping that Mike's team can "get hot" at the end of the season.

As you remember, we began the season ranked #4, and we climbed as high as #2. After that, the season was full of nothing but disappointment. We got our lone conference sweep of the season with Vanderbilt followed that up by winning two at home against LSU. We were looking good, but we again cooled off.

We (and Mississippi State) did enough to sneak us into Hoover, and we did well there. We handled Georgia, out hit Kentucky, Bittled past Vanderbilt on our second try, and got whipped by the horrible people from Louisiana.

We faired well in the regional, and could we really have expected to beat the number 1 team in the country twice in a row? I don't think so, scooter.

You might say, "Brian Walker's Elbow, you surely did not write a lengthy, fun-filled recap of the season!" I say, get over it. Our season was not nearly as lengthy or fun-filled as I had wanted.

Post Season Awards from the Cup:

Defensive MVP: Brett Basham. He was a beast all year behind the plate and we would have been even worse without him. He was outstanding, and I know that he will be missed behind the plate (if he takes the money and runs). Also, I think Scott Bittle owes a lot of his success to Basham's ability to block up "The Thing."

Offensive MVPS: Logan Power (.329, 9 HR) and Cody Overbeck (.356, 17 HR). Logan was by far the most disciplined player at the plate, and he hit two grand slams this season. Even if he had a rough day, he would battle at the plate and come up with a clutch hit. Cody Overbeck usually came through, and he hit a lot of homeruns. Sometimes, he hit into double plays, but he was great in the 4 hole.

Pitching: Scott Bittle (1.78 ERA, 7-1, 70.2 IP, 130 SO). "The Bittler" was absolutely amazing all season. After last season's debacle, he fought back and became a dynamic closer. Typically, a closer only has 3 pitches. Scott has developed a change-up during the off-season to add to his fastball, slider, and "thing." He finished the season leading the country in strikouts per nine innings, and he was absolutely clutch.

Most Improved: I feel like many of our players improved throughout the offseason. Logan Power had a higher average. Overbeck had a higher average, more homeruns, and was much better on defense. However, the most improved award goes to Scott Bittle. From a kid that choked last year every time he was on the mound in a pressure situation to the best strikeout pitcher we will ever see at Ole Miss.

We Miss Zach Cozart Award: Sean Stuyverson (12 ER) and Tim Ferguson (14 ER). You might not think that is a lot of errors, but keep in mind they split time. 'Nuff said

The IF we made it to a Super Regional, I would have set the national record for strikeouts Award: Matt Smith (80 SO).

Mark Wright Memorial Award: Michael Guerrero. Seriously, 7 homeruns in the last 8 games of the season? Sounds familiar.....

Why didn't you pitch more often? Award: Justin Cryer (1.35 ERA, 33.1 IP).

Kind of a let-down Award: Lance Lynn (4.52 ERA). He started out the season on fire, and he really struggled down the stretch. You cannot help but wonder about him maybe being injured because he was simply better as a sophomore.

Really a really big let-down Award: Cody Satterwhite (5.33 ERA). I know his mommy and daddy get upset when he is criticized. However, I cannot help it. He and Lance were supposed to be a big part of getting us to Omaha, and Cody only had two good performances.

Nice Surprise from a Freshman: Drew Pomeranz. (4.16 ERA). He stepped in a did an admirable job as Saturday guy in the rotation. Also, he was recently recognized as a Freshman All-American.

Got a lot better in the off season: Fuller Smith. (.332, 7 HR). I didn't want to give him most improved, but he did contribute greatly to this years team.

Up next for the Cup, we will follow the draft tomorrow. More than likely, we will let you know later tomorrow night due to jobs and things of that nature.