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All-SEC Thug Team

The Southeastern Conference has a Bo and Luke Duke-like history with the law. RSC is here to honor those young men who have performed admirably oustandingly newsworthily off the field. Today, we'll release the All-SEC Thug Team Defensive Backs, which, this year, has been the thug gold standard.

ALL-SEC Thug Team - DB's (that's defensive backs not douche bags, but, I suppose it can be both).

Rashad Johnson, University of Alabama
Johnson's arrest earlier this month outside The Legacy, a Tuscaloosa night club, is perhaps the least noteworthy, as he was simply involved in a heated verbal altercation with local police. However, as defensive captain for the Tide, a team which is loaded at Thug, Johnson, the leader of the group, is like the Augusto Pinochet of the college football world - perhaps not the most evil man in the organization, but the leader of some pretty notable thugs. Also, in notably Tide fashion, the charges for disorderly conduct against Johnson were dropped. Nothing says "thug" like a good old-fashioned T-Town cover-up.

Jamar Hornsby, University of Florida
Hornsby has done something few SEC athletes have been able to accomplish - white collar crime (more specifically, credit card fraud). Hornsby was subsequently kicked off the team. He is now a senior vice president at Bear Stearns.

Jamarca Sanford, University of Mississippi
You don't get in fight at Night Town and get off that easy. Have you ever seen fights at Night Town? If you've walked away from them, then only at a distance.

Derek Pegues, Mississippi State University
Though his arrest and conviction happened over a year ago, it's hard not to include a player who was convicted for assaulting a police officer and never missed playing time. What's more hood-rich than a T-Town cover-up? A Starkghanistan beat-down that, though so blatant it could not afford dismissal, still does not, it seems, merit any substantial disciplinary action from Sylvester Croom, Mr. Discipline.