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An Actual National Championship

Anyone looking to make the next savior of Ole Miss, I can suggest someone with whom you might want to procreate.

Ole Miss long-jumper Brittany Reese won herself a National Championship yesterday.

Reese is one of the favorites for the U.S. Olympic Trials in a few weeks, and at 5' 7" she can dunk. How does that make you feel, Chris Warren?

For realz, though, this chick jumped 22 feet, 9 inches, which is the world record. This year, that record has been tied three times - once by some Russian chick, and TWICE by Brittany Reese. So, she pretty much rockzorz.

When asked how she was able to jump so far, the Gulfport native (probably) said, "Because I grew up in Mississippi where we don't have doo-doo tomatoes that give you Salmonella." Go on, girl!