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So, we backed in to Hoover.

This season has been a complete wreck. After teasing our baseball-genitalia with a 22-5 opener against Minnesota (who turned out to be the absolute worst team in the Big Ten) and a #2 national ranking, this team went on to drop games to TCU, Western Kentucky, and Central Arkansas among many, many others only to squeak into the SEC Tournament as the #8 seed.

Perhaps it's karma for all of our joy surrounding State's eerily similar collapse two seasons ago. Perhaps the sports gods still hate us. Or perhaps Mike Bianco can't coach. Whatever it is though doesn't really matter because we're on the bus. My hopes aren't high but I'm still excited. A few of us cuppers are going to be in Hoover come Wednesday and, shit, who knows, maybe we'll upload a YouTube or something. Hopefully we'll see some of you there.

Hotty Toddy and Go Rebs.

P.S. - If Bittle's performance today (7 innings IN RELIEF with only one run) isn't enough to get the Ferris Trophy than I don't know what is. Why this stud wasn't a starter will likely always baffle me.