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SEC Tournament: The Math

Here's how it looks:

UGA 18-7-1
VAN 15-11
LSU 15-11-1
FLA 14-13
ALA 14-13
UKY 14-13
MIS 14-13
ARK 13-13

SCAR 13-14
TENN 11-16
AUB 11-16
MSU 7-20

With, basically, the entire pack sitting at 14 wins, any stab at predicting the Rebels' seeding is a less than advisable practice for the amateur athletic reporter who wishes not to look silly. What we do know is that we need two games on LSU to win the West. The Tigers meet the other Tigers of East Alabama in said region of Alabama. Thankfully, the other Alabama team visits the SEC Champion Georgia Bulldogs to receive their lashing. Assuming Georgia continues its winning ways against the Tide, Ole Miss can play its way into the 4th seed in the tournament, as it will have tie-breakers over Florida and Kentucky, with three wins in Lexington.

Clearly, this will never ever happen. And, while two wins seals the deal automatically, one makes things dicey. Why? Well, the top team left out of the tournament right now is South Carolina at 13-14 in the conference. South Carolina took two from Ole Miss a few weeks ago, so they have an advantage over the Rebels.

Basically, as illustrated above, six teams have realistic shots at the 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 seeds in two weeks. The Rebels just have to have a better weekend than one of them. The good news is that the SEC Tournament (as well as the NCAA Tournament) are both places where a team with two top-flight pitchers can do well. You know what else you can do with two top-flight pitchers? Put yourself in Birmingham by sending Kentucky to the house.