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Say it ain't so, Perrillouxzzr!

The AJC reports that the "greatest quarterback ever to sign with LSU" was just kicked off the team by head coach Les Miles due to not fulfilling his "obligation as an LSU student-athlete".

I'm sure that the classes he missed, tests he skipped, or whatever it is that wasn't scholarly about him is much worse than what he did the other 70 times he was "indefinitely" suspended for a 4 or 5 days.

When it comes down to it, Perrilloux is probably failing out of school, the only thing that could have kept him from starting as the Tiger quarterback next season. I have to hand it to LSU though. I seriously thought that their school was corrupt enough to give players good grades. It still may be, but they're willing to lose their starting quarterback.

Anyway, the good news for everyone else in the SEC is that Perriloux's departure leaves this guy as LSU's starting quarterback entering next season. Granted, Lee was highly regarded coming out of high school, but he's only a redshirt freshman. Can they really get a quality SEC quarterback out of that? I mean, I know that we couldn't... Of course, we're Ole Miss... and they're LSU. Their luck gets them things like this.

Ours gets us things like this.

Inevitably, a message board poster will start talking about how his aunt's brother-in-law's sister's hairdresser heard from a client whose dogsitter also dogsits for the Perriloux household that Ryan is planning to transfer to Ole Miss and compete with the illustrious second best quarterback ever to play at Ole Miss (who has never thrown a pass in a game). I've heard the same thing from my parakeet. It tells the future.

Here's to hoping that Jarrett Lee sucks and LSU goes 7-6... although that's absolutely impossible.