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RSC Poll of the Week

Who looks like the bigger douche?

Option 1:

Current Rebel signee, Hunter "Jew Fro" Miller. Still not sure why we signed this kid and do not buy anything HDN has said about his on field abilities or athleticism. I look forward to him and Colby Arcenaux manning the scout team safety positions on full rides for the next three years.

Option 2.
Rebel recruit and Miami (Gulliver Prep) wide receiver Conner Vernon. Conner looks like he walked straight out of the trailer park. He apparently had great hands and runs good routes (aka he's a white WR). Also appears to be receiving interest because other players on his team are better and schools are using Conner to get some sort of package deal. Personally, I'm over offering Division I rejects in order to sway their teammates. We all know how that ended up last time.