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RSC Endorses Satterwhite for Congress


OXFORD, MISS. - The Editorial Board at Red Solo Cup has chosen to endorse Cody Satterwhite, the Junior Right-hander from Jackson, Mississippi, to fill the unexpired term of Sen. Roger Wicker, whose appointment left a vacancy in the 1st Congressional District of Mississippi. A brief statement read as follows:

"We feel that Cody's dedication to public service, his love for his fellow man, and his residency in the First Congressional District qualify him for this prestigious post. Though we regret that his duties as a United States Congressman will take him out of the lineup for the Rebels' weekend series against Kentucky, as well as, the SEC and NCAA Tournaments, we are sure that Coach Bianco will be able to fill the void. This group has become convinced that Cody's talents are better suited to elected office than they are to the pitcher's mound. There must be literally thousands of things Satterwhite does better than playing college baseball."

"There must be."