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Rebel Round-Up

Laud Noises. Scott Bittle, Tim Ferguson, and Dwayne Curtis have received various individual awards. Bittle is one of three finalists for the Boo Ferriss Award, given each year to Mississippi's best collegiate baseball player. The other finalists appreciate consideration, but concede that they do not, in fact, lead the SEC in strikeouts as a closer. Tim Ferguson is the SEC Freshman of the Week. Please, Southeastern Conference, don't encourage him. Meanwhile, Ole Miss alum Dwayne Curtis was honored as the Howell Trophy Fan's Choice Award, not to be confused with the Howell Trophy, which is awarded to Mississippi's top collegiate basketball player. Jamont Gordon was awarded the Howell Trophy at a ceremony a few weeks ago. How did Curtis get the votes but not the trophy? Because Rick Cleveland is a SUPERDELEGATE!!!!.

It's not spelled Nagurskay. Peria Jerry, whose name is inexplicably pronounced puh-RAY-uh, has been named a finalist for the Bronco Nagurski Trophy, along with All-American Back-Up Greg Hardy. The Nagurski, pronounced phonetically, is awarded to the nation's top defensive player. Patrick Willis won the award after his senior campaign in 2006, beating 2007 winner James Laurinitis of Ohio State, who will probably win again. Laurinitis, were he in the Southeastern Conference, would have "deceptive speed," but in the Big Ten the only deception is that any player has anything like "speed."

Lay off the kid. Poor Sean Stuyverson has been given the most unfortunate nickname on RSC, E6. But I'm here to take up for E6, who does not, in fact, lead the SEC in errors committed, a distinction which belongs to Tennessee's Danny Lima. Take that, Danny Lima!