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Rebel of the Week: Silly Comic Book Reference Edition (I need to lay off for a week or so)!

Finally, a baseball weekend worthy of a RotW prize winner! This weeks winner is none other than Scott "The Bittler" Bittle for relieving Cody Satterwhite (who, believe-it-or-not, wasn't a complete fuckup on Sunday) in dominating fashion. Bittle struck out 7, walked 1, and only gave up 2 hits while earning the win over the Auburn Tigers in four innings during Sunday afternoon's rubber match. Although not there in person, I was able to tune in on the radio and it sounded like Bittle was just making anyone who stepped into the batters box seem foolish. The kid throws some sick stuff and, in the opinion of many, should be a starter for this squad.

In addition, he (along with two other players who aren't a part of Ron Polk's band of misfits) was recently named a finalist for the Ferris Award given annually to the best college baseball player in the great state of MS. All of this comes after Bittle earned his 99th strikeout, the most ever for an Ole Miss reliever.

Congratulations Scott Bittle! You're the Rebel of the Week!

P.S. - Sorry this was a day late. I was busy graduating and some shit.