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Oh goodness

I am so sick of this baseball team I could throw up like Jamariey Atterberry after being pulled over by the cops. Too soon?

Oh well, I do not even care anymore. I'm old and cynical, and I have fallen victim to realizing we are Ole Miss. Why do we even do that chant before football games? To remind ourselves of our shortcomings? If so, we should do it before baseball and basketball too.

Ivory Tower and I would like to make the trip to Hoover, but we cannot even be certain that the Rebels are going with us.

IMHO, this is how things stack up:

We have six regular season games, and we need to win five of them to make it to Hoover. It is possible to get in by only winning four or so, but we desperately need to sweep Auburn and take two from Kentucky.

"How are we going to sweep Auburn when Cody pitches on Sundays?" This is a question many have asked, and the answer is, "We aren't."
So, what do we do? Pitch someone else. Pitch anyone else! I could deal with, Rory McKean, Brett Bukvich, or even myself.
We desperately need Button and Guerrero back, and we are fortunate that Brett Basham has stayed healthy despite starting all 50 games thus far.
I don't have anything else to say.