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My take on the LSU Game Name-game Extraordinaire

The Ole Miss Associated Student Body has gotten together with the LSU Student Government and decided that our annual game needs to be a more "official" rivalry, y'know with a name and a trophy and shit.

Now now, don't give in to knee-jerk reactions just yet. Think about it for a second before you go around all jumpin-to-conclusions-like.....



Yeah, ok, I agree, it's still pretty stupid. LSU hates us, we hate them. We don't need a named game with a poorly designed trophy just to prove it. Hell, if anything, this will only serve to cheapen the rivalry between us and LSU by making it more about catchy slogans, names, trophies, etc. than good old fashioned ass-beating and shit-talking.

Thankfully the ASB has gotten one thing right on this matter: they're putting it up to a vote WITH the option of a write-in! Ole Miss students, if you read this blog at all and believe that this hoopla surrounding naming the LSU-Ole Miss game is as foolish as I do then please, please, please use your write-in vote constructively creatively. Check out what I've done:

Click for biggification if need be.

Let's not let them get away with this nonsense. I don't know exactly how the write-in votes will be factored into this one but if they get more "dis is teh gay" and "fuck you, asshole" than "The Duel Under the Oaks" they'll most certainly have to reconsider.

Won't they?