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Message Board Idiots

I think this is something we're going to start doing pretty regularly. Because I troll tons of message boards, I encounter stupid posters very regularly. I'll be bolding mistakes in grammar and some other things of interest. Here are a few posts:

Posted by: spbone
Posted on: Mississippi Sports Talk
Posted: 5/16/2008 8:30 AM


Hate to say I told you so, so I wont! I'll just keep banging my head against the wall!!! Chris Strong whom I care alot about, wouldnt listen! He like many others has belived the lies spilled to him bout Ole Miss, went over there then when they didnt need him we will see you later. He is headed to NW then hopefully to somewhere where they develop boys to men! Whatever you do Chris dont let being pushed away get you down!!


I'm sure you have all seen posts similar to this. It's just a brilliant post. I think my favorite sentence is:

"He like many others has believed the lies spilled to him bout Ole Miss, went over there when they didn't need him we will see you later."

This is, I think, what he was going for:
"He, like many others before him, believed the lies that were spilled about Ole Miss, so he chose to attend school there. When Ole Miss no longer needed Chris, they told him that they couldn't attend classes for him or take his tests."

The icing on the cake is that he uses "whom" the sentence before. He uses it correctly, but still... to use the little-used "whom" and then follow with a sentence like the one in question is sheer magnificence.

Does spbone (a great name btw) think that Chris Strong was done a disservice by Ole Miss? Should they have somehow forced the teachers to give him passing grades? I think that only happens at South Panola (and many other high schools I'm sure). I would be remiss not to mention the three heads banging against walls. That smiley just plain sucks. The fact that "The Bone" feels the need to explain the smiley makes this post even better.

Need I even mention that all but one sentence ends with at least one exclamation point?


Posted by: o2b4um
Posted on: OMSB
Posted: Yesterday 12:25 AM

who said this team has no heart... Post Rating (3 votes)

...not a word mentioned after the big win. a team with no heart doesn't show up

today and win this game. great job rebels, lets win some games at hoover.


I don't know what's worse, the fact that this poster made this post or that he has an average rating on this post of 3.5 stars. I wonder why anyone would think that our baseball team has no heart. Maybe it's because we were #2 in the nation at one point and limped our way into the SEC tournament. It could also be because we:
1. Lost a series to TCU
2. Split with Western Kentucky (29-24, 16-14 Sun Belt)
3. Lost to Central Arkansas - I think that this can best be summed up with this sentence from their official athletics site, "The victory gave the Bears a .500 record (27-27-1, 13-16-1) in their second season at the NCAA Division I level."
4. Lost a home series to Alabama
5. Split with the worst MSU team ever to play baseball
6. Lost a home series to Arkansas (who didn't make the SEC tournament)

I don't know why anyone would say the team had no heart. Especially with our starting pitching doing so well recently (see: all three starters being pulled in the fourth this weekend).

I would also like to point out what I said after we beat Kentucky. I believe it was, "Dangit. Now I have to get my hopes up again only to have them come crashing back down." So yes. "Naysayers" did say a word after the "big" win.

And lastly:

Posted by: DiamondReb1083
Posted on: OMSB
Posted: Today 3:24 PM
In reference to: Eniel Polynice's role and Terrico White

Re: "09 Basketball team and Terrico White

At the same time it wasn't his job to shoot. He was the driver of the group and one of the fast break leaders. David was supposed to be the shooter. Granted he came on at the end of the year in a big way but was woeful throughout the year. Eneil was also our best defensive player. He and White will make a great tandum. Seriously when have we had more talent than this team for next year. The answer is quickly never.

1. Chris Warren
2. David Huertas
3. Polynice/White
4. The new JUCO guy/Holloway/kid from LA
5. Malcom White/Cantinol

That team is loaded. Our guard play should be as good as anyone's.


First of all, there is no u in tandem. Secondly, it WAS Polynice's job to shoot. He's a guard. Most important about this post though are the bolded sentences. The answer is actually quickly "When our team went to the Sweet 16". Lockhart and Reed made it fantastic. Add in Jason Harrison. That team had proven talent. Here's how I see our depth chart for next season:

PG: Chris Warren Will Bogan
SG: David Huertas Terrico White Trevor Gaskins
SF: Eniel Polyneice Zach Graham Brandon Wilson
PF: DeAundre Cranston
Terrance Henry
Murphy Holloway
C: Malcolm White Kevin Cantinol

Of note:
1. "kid from LA" is Terrance Henry. "The new JUCO guy" is Deaundre Cranston. It's interesting that you're sure they're talented but don't know their names.
2. 3 of our 13 players headed into next season (Warren, Huertas, and Polynice) have proven they can be relied upon. I guess maybe you could count Zach Graham as well, but it would be a big stretch.
3. We have one big man returning who played in a 4-year college game last year.
4. I have never seen 7 of the 13 players play. I don't know whether or not they're talented.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not always negative. I agree that we have a ton of potential for next season. I'm very excited, but to say that we've never had more talent is just ridiculous when more than half of the players on roster have never played a game for us.

I just hope that DeAundre Cranston wasn't a Juco All-American.