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An Important Programming Note

As part of RSC's ongoing effort to "change the culture" at Ole Miss, we often analyze Ole Miss policy and offer suggestions regarding your compliance therewith.

We all know that last spring the university lifted its official stance against the possession by legal adults of alcohol on campus. The policy was directed at distinguishing (if not condoning) the legal possession and consumption intoxicating spirits between the such illegal possession and consumption by the young ones.

Now, tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., Shepherd Smith, Ole Miss "alumnus," will be delivering the address at the university's 157th commencement. There are two very real reasons why RSC is encouraging you to change the culture and bring your booze to commencement.

Whether it be some Jameson in your coffee (black, sir, Jameson does not appreciate your Carnation fake-cream) or a mimosa for your woman-friend, there's no reason you should feel bad about yourself when you are throwing back some morning glory while listening to a college drop-out address a few thousand people who will never make as much money as him about the merits of their achievement.

If your whistle still isn't wet, then at least be practical - you'll need to be a little dizzy to buy the stuff an anchor at Fox News will be selling you. I, personally, never watch Fox News without a little mental lubrication to ward off the "What the eff...?" moments that invariably happen when watching Fox Noise, listening to Michael Savage, or free-basing cocaine.