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I still hate you Mike Bianco

Saturday's game was a complete tease. The back and forth was almost unbearable. This is how bad it was: I almost though Cody Satterwhite was a good pitcher. Then, the collapse happened. That is the thing about Cody. He looks great for three innings, but then he collapses.

I'll agree with The Ghost of Jay Cutler's assessment. If Bittle's Saturday performance was not enough to prove his worthiness for the Ferris Award, I do not know what is. If I had a vote, The Bittler would get the award hands down.

I'm very proud of Scott. He has fought back after a very tough 2007 campaign. I think he should start our Wednesday game versus Georgia.
Here's the tournament bracket:
Session 1
(2) LSU versus (7) USC at 11:00
(3) Florida versus (6) Vanderbilt at 1:00

Session 2
(1) Georgia versus (8) Ole Miss at 5:00
(4) Kentucky versus (5) Alabama at 8:00
Of course, the losers of session 1 play the next day. The winners of session 1 play the following day. The same is true for the other session as well.
Come on Mike, please do not screw this up.