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Don't Blame Mike Bianco

Ok, so maybe you can blame Mike Bianco but...should we get rid of him?

There have been some grumblings surrounding our baseball program and the future of Coach Bianco at Ole Miss. While we have gotten progressively worse (ever so slightly) since the 2005 season and this "most talented team" at Ole Miss under Bianco is a pathetic #3 seed in the Miami regional, I don't feel that we can justifiably fire Mike Bianco, yet.

He has made Ole Miss baseball what it is. Before Bianco, LSU and State rocked our baseball world for nearly a decade. With Bianco, we've become a lock for the postseason and become a constant competitor for the SEC Tournament title. With Bianco we've packed Swayze with fans like never before. With Bianco we've become a nationally recognized baseball power.

Let's not give up on him just yet. We've invested too much in him to cast him to the wayside simply because we were the 8 seed in the SEC tourney. Although he does get our hopes up extra high every year with his used car salesman style pitch of his team (see: every time he opens his mouth) we cannot say that we are a "bad" baseball team. Some of you will say "whatever, of course we can" and to that I say "if you think winning 18 SEC games and beating Georgia and Kentucky in the tournament is 'bad' then you can go fucking fuck your fucking whiny self, you fuck." Let's get a new recruiting coordinator. Let's get a new hitting coach. Let's just not get rid of Coach Bianco.

So maybe Brian Walker's Elbow won't agree with me. Maybe a lot of and NAFOOM-ers won't agree with me. So what. Let's keep Mike around and see where he can take us.