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Don't blame Larry Templeton

Many posters on scout and rivals blame Larry Templeton for our regional draw. As you already know, we are going to face off against Missouri on Friday. If we win, we will play the winner of Miami and Bethune Cookman. Yes, this has to be the toughest regional in the country, but Larry Templeton (chair of selection committee and former AD at Mittittippi Tate) is not to blame.

For example, some posters on OMSPIRIT are upset:

"Screw dhed Templeton as there is NO doubt
his influence on our position this year and years past but this is the IDIOT'S last year and what better way than to stick it up his by winning the regional. Templeton hates Ole Miss and our AD has his head worried about pennies so that is why we continue to get screwed in the baseball seedings.......... Win the regional and tell Larry to &^%# %^$ as he is gone............ JMO ps---msuX screwed up by firing him........oajmho"

Re: Screw dhed Templeton as there is NO doubt
"Remember, Pat Murphy also has a vote. So he and LT are probably in cahoots."

Instead of blaming the coach of this years team for our poor play and horrid performance at times, some Rebel fans want to lash out at selection committee members and coaches of other programs. Want to hold someone accountable, let it be Mike Bianco.

SEC Record over past 5 seasons:
2005: 18-12
2006: 17-13
2007: 16-14
2008: 15-15

We are getting worse every year!

Mike, you mean to tell me that your most talented team ever was a .500 team in the SEC?

So, if you are upset about our regional draw, get over yourself. If we wanted a regional, we should have played better and hosted our own.

Shame on you, Mike Bianco.