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Dang't Mike Bianco

It just keeps getting uglier for the Rebels, and I am sick of it, Mike Bianco. The big problem is that we suck. I said it. We suck. We cannot get clutch hits, and we cannot field the ball. Heck, we cannot even pitch anymore.

It is do or die time for the Rebels at 5:30 central time this evening. Drew Pomeranz will take the hill for the Rebels, and I hope he decides to not tip his pitches today.

If you cannot tell, I am angry. I was an optimist in earlier years, but now I am an "angrymist". You don't go around preaching this is the most talented and deepest team you have ever had, and then not even make the SEC Tournament. Come on, Mike.

In other news:

Somehow, some way, Mississippi State beat Arkansas during the first game of "Pack the Park for Polk" weekend. Thank you, Mississippi State. Now, we desperately need you to win two more. Also, South Carolina lost to Tennessee. The Rebels, Hogs, and Gamecocks now fill out the 7, 8, & 9 spots respectively.

Another important note: cheer you buts off for Georgia. Rain postponed last night's match-up with Alabama, and now they will play a double-header today. Go Georgia! If they sweep Alabama and we win one game, we are in!

However, if we cannot take two from Kentucky, we need not complain about not making it to Hoover or a Regional because we surely would not deserve to. And that's the bottom line.