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Oxford, MS- An unfortunate off-the-court incident has put a damper on the hopes of the Ole Miss men's tennis team as they head into Friday's Sweet 16 matchup with North Carolina. In a packed press conference, UM coach Billy Chadwick acknowledged rumors of misconduct on the part of at least two of his players: "Jonas Berg and Erling Tveit have both met with me about the incident in question. I have not yet decided on disciplinary action, but a match suspension is certainly a possibility."
With the rumor mill spinning at full tilt, RSC contacted Chadwick early Tuesday afternoon to get the story straight. With unprecedented frankness, a disappointed Chadwick spilled the scoop on the troubled doubles partners:
"As a family, and as a team, we are very upset with the behavior of Jonas and Erling. We are still sorting out all the details of the incident, and I hope that no other players were involved." When prodded for more details, Chadwick was initially reluctant: "All I can say is that both players allegedly attended a house party on Monday evening that stretched well beyond the allotted team curfew of 11:00 PM..."
Hungry for answers, our intrepid RSC reporter was able to pry further into the heart of the story. An unidentified UM tennis staffer was able to provide this tipoff in exchange for his anonymity: (paraphrased)
Berg and Tveit arrived at a house party on College Hill road Monday night, and from approximately 10:45PM to 1:00AM, consumed as many as four Smirnoff Ices ('Smices') each. After this point, they called for a designated driver. Before leaving the premises, they were noted by one partygoer as being 'slightly louder than normal,' and were even rumored to have caroused with or perhaps even cavorted with a female attendee before their driver arrived.

While this incident was the first infraction for Berg, Tveit has been previously disciplined by Chadwick for an inconsistency in ironing his Polo shirts for practice, and for making two B's second semester of his sophomore year.
With the duo's status uncertain, RSC will provide updates as they become available.