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Basketball Vid

Yeah, I know we do not usually do this kind of thing here but Terrico White's latest highlight video is awesome. Yeah, he's playing against high school kids, we do not know how his game will translate into the SEC, and all that other crap people say when it comes to recruiting.

Whatever, his video is sick and he is going to have an immediate impact on next year's team. First thing I notice is his ability to shoot off the dribble. Something none of the wing players on our team can do with any consistency. If Huertas or Polynice are taking threes off the dribble it is a safe bet it's not going to hit anything, unless DAHVEED is taking a half-court shot.

He also can play above the rim. Check out the dunk around the 4:47 mark of the video and all the other ones in the latter half, it'll be nice to have someone other than Malcolm who has that kind of athleticism.