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Baseball Hosts Auburn

Ole Miss' (31-19, 12-12) final home series of the season begins in a little under two hours at Swayze Field, where the Rebels are hosting Auburn (26-23, 9-14).

Sitting half a game behind the temporal manifestation of all the designs of the evil one, and tied with a slightly lesser evil holding a tiebreaker over the Rebels, Ole Miss has one simple mission.

Avoid the Satterwhite.

Cody, bless his heart, is a pretty good representation of Ole Miss athletics - full of potential and talent, but in performance and execution only another disappointment. Ole Miss seems destined to win tonight's and Saturday's games by some figure analogous to the gross national product of some emerging East Asian nation only to drop the sweep opportunity on Sunday when some walk-on douchebag hits a three-run shot off of Cody's FIFTY-SECOND DOWN-THE-PIPE FASTBALL IN A ROW!

The Clarion-Ledger's preview article headlines the contributions of big Rebel batters like Logan Power. If Ole Miss has a chance at winning the weakest SEC Western Division since baseball was a glimmer in the eye of some ninny-pantsed cricket player, they really need to not lose to the worst team in the Southeastern Conference.

Well, not the worst.

Bottom line, Ole Miss has to take care of business on the Lord's Day and hope that Hoky Polky (who visits Red Stick this weekend for the last time) can pull some of its voodoo Croom-magic against LSU. I decline to make any predictions regarding our or LSU's chances of success or failure this weekend. I only concern myself with the physical and rational, and, as previously referenced, I know longer believe in baseball.