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Yahhh Trick Yahhh!

Oh Baseball.... Why must you play with our hearts and emotions? About this time last week, the Rebels had one the final Sunday game against Alabama, the Tuesday game with Memphis had been rained out, and the Rebs were sliding.

Oh the difference a week makes. After Must Be The Wind threw in his towel on the season, Bianco's Boys got their brooms out. They came back to beat Memphis on Wednesday and showed a lot of heart. On Saturday, they fought hard to win the first game and cruised in the second game. Sunday, the Rebels whipped up on Vandy once again. Keep in mind, Vandy came into the weekend ranked #6.

The 5 game win streak seemed to be an aberration as the Jaguars of South Alabama poured on 5 runs in the top of the third inning.

Poor fielding and concentration plagued the Rebels that inning. It got so bad at one point that one angry fan yelled "Rebels, South Alabama's better 'an you"
The Rebels, however, were not through. After scoring one run every couple of innings, the Rebels sent the game into the tenth. Scott Bittle, "The Bittler,"

came in and mowed down the opposing batters. The only problem with the whole extra innings thing is that we were in the bottom of our order. Miller, STUYVERSON, and who even cares who after that. Miller does not reach first. So, one out, and STUYVERSON is up to bat. After passing up on a 2-0 fastball, he sent the next one over the fence.

Make it 6 in a row for the Rebels.

Positives about Tuesday's win: heart and competitive spirit

Negatives: stranded base runners, errors, lack of concentration

Next game is tonight at 6:30 pm.
Pitching Match-Ups:
Philip Irwin RHP 5.55 ERA (2-1)
TBA for South Alabama

Rebels 11-7