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Which depth chart did they show him?

Kendrick Hardin, a 6' 0", 205 pound halfback with, as Yancy describes it, "deceptive speed" visited Ole Miss for the Red/Blue weekend and left the campus impressed. According to him, the Rebels are high on his list (which includes State, Auburn, and Southern Miss) because our "depth chart looks the best for (him) out of all of the schools (he has) looked at so far."

Really? So, do you plan on there being a lot of injuries or do you like splitting time/never playing... I dunno, I'm just confused as to what he meant because, as I see it, this is our depth chart at halfback for the opener against Memphis:
1. Cordera Eason - Four-Star, Top-20 RB prospect in HS, top RB prospect in MS
2. Enrique Davis - Five-Star, #1 Prep School recruit, #3 RB prospect in HS behind Joe McKnight and the-other-guy-at-USC, often compared (probably inaccurately) to Bo Jackson
3. Derrick Davis - Three-Star, As-good-as-if-not-better-than Eason in HS before knee injuries, supposedly back at 100%
4. Devin Thomas - Three-Star, fastest of the bunch, incredibly elusive, Army All-American

So.... where exactly do you fit in, Kendrick?