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Suck it State...

Guns, bitches!
Recently, two projected starters were kicked off of Mississippi State's football team for a gun-related incident.

One was Left Tackle Mike Brown who was really the only legitimate offensive tackle on the team (though Derek Sherrod isn't bad.) That's damning enough. The other player "released" was defensive tackle Quinton Wesley. MS-WHO? actually has depth at defensive tackle, so the loss of Wesley shouldn't be too detrimental to the team.

Now, out of nowhere, three players withdraw from school. All are rumored to have been involved in the same incident. These three players would utterly crush Mississippi State's chances next season. With last year's move of Derek Pegues to safety, Anthony Johnson is the best corner on State's team. Remember this?

Then there's Jamon Hughes, a definite starter at linebacker who played exceptionally well last season. The other guy doesn't matter. To put it in perspective, this would be like us kicking Greg Hardy, John Jerry, and Allen Walker off the team.

Tyler Hansbrough has a brother?
Speaking of players who won't be playing for MSU next season, PG Ben Hansbrough recently announced he plans to transfer. It doesn't make any sense. He played all the time, and MSU has been a successful team. This does not usually happen in programs that win. Some things are obviously going on behind the scenes. Do not be surprised to see Phil Turner transfer out as well. What's going on at Mississippi State? With Jamont Gordon probably going pro, Charles Rhodes graduating, Ben Hansbrough leaving and maybe Turner leaving, it will be the long-armed martian's team.