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Spring Practice: The Secondary

I tend to agree with 'Must Be The Wind' in that spring practice really conveys a false sense of reality to fans. I get sick of having all this sunshine pumped up my ass by the two pay sites regarding practices. Remedy? Go to practice yourself!

Let's talk about the secondary, one of the thinnest positions on the roster.

Dustin Mouzon:
Positives: Good one on one defender, tackling
Negatives: None
RSC Analysis: Maybe it was because our secondary was that bad last year, but I cannot think of anything negative to say about Mouzon. He had a solid season last year and was easily the best player at the cornerback position all season. I have not heard much from him during spring practice, but he appears to still be on track to start in the fall.

Cassius Vaughan:
Positives: Speed, physicality
Negatives: Consistency
RSC Analysis: Cassius got a look at CB some last season and at times appeared to have figured out the position. However, he was unable to play at a consistent enough level to maintain the starting job. Vaughan appears to have emerged as the #2 CB on the team and has been extremely impressive in practices so far. He is an aggressive defender and is not afraid to take a gamble on a pass, something the Rebs need more of in the secondary.

Marshay Green:
Positives: Speed, Hands
Negatives: No experience/knowledge of position
RSC Analysis: Given I am not a football coach and have never played the CB position, it's hard not to watch him at practice and come away not thinking Marshay is going to contribute at CB next season. He needs to work on footwork and his reads better, but he has the play making ability and speed to be an effective DB.

Fon Ingram:
Positives: Speed, Tackling
Negative: Experience, Reads
RSC Analysis: Ingram was a linebacker in high school, safety last season, and now is competing for time at CB. He appears to have good speed, but I have not been blown away by his coverage ability thus far. I do not expect to see him garnering much playing time.

Jeremy McGee:
Positives: Speed
Negatives: Size
RSC Analysis: McGee, a Louisiana native, transferred to Ole Miss last year from UCLA as a return specialist and running back. However, like many players this year, he has been converted to CB because we are really thin (I know this is getting repetitive). Nutt seems to like what he has seen from McGee so far, but he has not stood out to RSC.

Jamariey Atterberry:
Never noticed or heard anything about his progression.

Julian Whitehead:
Really small

Jamarca Sanford:
Positives: Run Support, hard-hitter
Negatives: Coverage
RSC Analysis: Sanford is the premiere safety on this team and has his starting position on lock-down. The former South Panola stand out is probably the best tackler on the team and is a great leader for the younger guys in the secondary. Jamarca still needs to improve on his coverage skills, which are lacking, if he wants to make it to the next level and help this team even more.

Johnny Brown:
Positives: Quick learner, Speed
Negatives: Tackling, Youth
RSC Analysis: Brown is a great athlete and has the potential to be a solid safety for Ole Miss. Jamarca Sanford, obviously being haunted by the ghost of Ed Orgeron, described him as a "tremendous competitor." Brown still is a little inexperienced and has not shown the consistency to claim the starting safety spot.

Kendrick Lewis:
Positives: Size and Hands
Negatives: Agility
RSC Analysis: Lewis is a rising junior who was originally the starting FS for the Rebs at the start of the '07 campaign. Lewis has shown he can make good reads from the safety position, but has not been the most consistent player when it comes to taking on a defender one-on-one this spring in drills. Lewis needs to work on his all around game if he wants to overtake Johnny Brown for the starting safety position.

Terrell Jackson:
Positives: Speed
Negatives: Consistency
RSC Analysis: Coming out of high school many people thought Terrell would have a big impact on the Rebels' secondary. He has not. He is still in the mix for some playing time this year, but has not put everything together to achieve that on a consistent basis yet, despite being a senior.

Jared Mitchell:
Have not watched him

Colby Arceneaux:
Positives: HAHA
Negatives: He did not get us Joe McKnight
RSC Analysis: He tries really hard!