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So Long, Terrence!

Andy Kennedy and the Rebel coaching staff took a break from "gettin' dranked" and signed us a basketball player. Ladies and gentleman meet the newest Ole Miss Rebel, DeAundre Cranston. (I, unlike Ghost of Jay Cutler, can spell our recruits' names correctly)

Cranston comes to the Rebels via Daytona Beach Community College via Orlando Florida. He originally committed to the Butler Bulldogs and was recruited by Kansas State and Auburn (how did they beat us twice?) out of JUCO.

Cranston averaged 12 points and 11 rebounds last season in JUCO, not exactly stats that get me excited about this signing. Although our last two JUCO signees averaged much better than that; Wesley Jones, who tore it up at Pearl, and Terrence Watson, who apparently scored more in bed than he did in the games.

This signing comes as a surprise as Neal McCready had reported hours earlier that the Rebs were looking at a Serbian prospect to fill their big man void. Better work on those sources, Neal.

I'm honestly disappointed we did not sign him so I could hear Chuck say, "Now I hate saying this, but he reminds me a little of Peja Stojakovic." You know he would do that. He said Gerald Harris was like Kellen Winslow and Devin Thomas is probably just as good as Reggie Bush in his eyes.

Continuing my hate on Rivals, Neal compared Terrico White to Anfernee Hardaway. I mean, I'd love for him to be the next Lil' Penny, but there are plenty of more "coveted" prospects in the Memphis area than White.