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Saturday Scrimmage

Saturday's scrimmage was a big let-down for me. Snead didn't play well. Tapp played terribly. Eason broke several long runs, but the running game really struggled.

The running game's woes can be attributed to fantastic play from all three of the starting linebackers and the incredible defensive line that O left us. However, the passing game's struggles were unexpected.

Snead was fantastic last Saturday, and most expected the same this weekend with the secondary's inability to cover the solid group of WRs that return. And the thing is that the corners, with the exception of Marshay Green, didn't even play well. There were just communication problems all across the board. Many times, receivers would not even turn their heads, and the ball would just pass right by them. That's an issue that HAS to be addressed. Receivers have to understand that they are a target on EVERY play. This staff does not have them run away from plays just to draw coverage.

Players who excelled on offense:
LT Michael Oher
LG Reid Neely
WR Markeith Summers
WR Mike Wallace

Players who had significant trouble on offense:
HB Derrick Davis
RT Maurice Miller

Players who excelled on defense:
DT Peria Jerry
DT Ted Laurent
DE Greg Hardy
LB Allen Walker
LB Ashlee Palmer
LB Jonathan Cornell
CB Marshay Green
S Kendrick Lewis

Players who had significant trouble on defense:
All the backup LBs