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Rebel(s) of the Week: Title IX Edition!

I was hoping to give this weeks Rebel of the Week award to the player who performed the most admirably in our series sweep of the Arkansas Razorbacks.


Oh well, so much for that monumental collapse. The underachieving baseball team has turned my eyes to an overachieving achieving existent squad of Rebels who have done nothing but positively promote Ole Miss athletics. These fine athletes (kinda-sorta, like in the "chess is an olympic sport" way) have performed at a nationally respected level over the last few seasons yet do not garner much, if any recognition from the everyday Ole Miss fan. In the last 3 seasons they have had more All-Americans than our football or basketball teams and have appeared in an NCAA championship! Yet, this is not their greatest contribution to our esteemed Ole Miss athletic programs. Not only are these Rebels competitive at the national level, but they also make sure that we are compliant with Title IX! I, of course, am talking about the Ole Miss Rebel Rifle Team!

Thanks for nothing, Nixon

These fine young women shoot glorified BB guns at paper targets day in and day out and probably win some kinda fancy prize or some shit if they do well. Y'know, without Title IX and, subsequently, this rifle team, Ole Miss would not be the internationally respected sharpshooting women producing institution it is (is it?)! Seeing their success on and off the... range... makes me forget that men are naturally better athletes and actually play in profit making sports and that one can't really be a spectator at these turkey shoots (hell, I'm just guessing... even if one can, it's one of those "tree falling in the woods" kind of things).

Ole Miss Rifle squad, for keeping the NCAA off our backs on this one you've earned this weeks Rebel of the Week prize!