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Rebel Roundup

The Road to Omaha is paved with Thoroughbreds. The baseball team defeated Murray State last night 15-5. Nathan Baker strikes out eleven including six of his first seven? Well, that's neat ... but Murray Freakin' State still scored five runs on the best pitching staff in the Southeastern Conference. Yeah, but we scored fifteen. Outstanding. Now, let's try one more time to beat Arkansas State.

I wonder if she sings Van Halen before each meet? Brittany Reese is the SEC's Female Track Athlete of the Week for her school-record long jump of 22' 9". Good for you, Brittany. Tell me how your knees feel in twenty years.

Some dude commits to Ole Miss. Here's the thing, until they're in contention for the starting 22, I have a really hard time caring about the names/hometowns/heights/weights/40 times of current and potential Rebel football players. I certainly have not yet motivated myself to worry about a young man who hasn't finished his junior year of high school - it's gonna be a while before he makes All-American. But, because I know that some of you pervs out there do care, some kid from Morriston, TN named Demarcus Knight has committed to Ole Miss.

Please resist the urge to freak out.

Scouting the Enemy. Here's a piece written yesterday about Arkansas baseball. Arkansas Coach Dave Van Horn promises to save basically all of his pitching for their trip this weekend to Oxford. Arkansas beat Northern Colorado last night 5 Go-billion to -7 in a rousing game of T-ball.