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Rebel Roundup

Never go to Rankin County. The Diamond Rebs fell to 0-2 in Stankin' County last night, losing a 6-5 decision to Mississippi State in the Governor's Cup. I'm sure LowAndOutside will have more for you, but, as for me, I don't believe in baseball anymore.

We'll take 'em where we can get 'em. Andy Kennedy signed his fifth commitment today, per David Brandt, a young man named Murphy Holloway from Irmo, South Carolina. This is the fifth signee for Ole Miss, so, if you dreamed of playing Rebel basketball on scholarship next year, your dream is over because we are fresh out of money. Holloway is, also, our fifth out-of-state signee, which, for you English majors, means that we didn't sign anyone from Mississippi this year. If you were worried about leaving the comfort of your native South Carolina, Murphy, you need not fret. Mississippi is equally as poverty-stricken and racially-polarized as home sweet home.

Pleasant, but not really a surprise. Sorry we missed it, but the tennis team beat Mississippi State on Sunday. This result shocked no one, except for the captain of the cheerleading squad at State, who responded, "What's tennis?"

Forest for the trees. Not surprisingly, the regional and national media are paying our new head coach way more attention than they are anyone on the team, and Matt Hayes' piece at Sporting News is no different. In the piece, Coach Nutt says that we (perhaps fans, perhaps players) are "callous to losing." Sounds like Coach Nutt let his Rivals subscription expire and opened an account at NAFOOM. Oh, well, any press is good press.