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Rebel Roundup

Bush Honors LSU; Approval Ratings Tumble. I guess I should not be surprised that President Bush invited LSU's 2007 "championship" team to the White House. I mean, a guy that eight out of ten Americans can't stand must relish the opportunity to just hang out and talk about football instead of worrying about "the country" or some such. Plus, doesn't this guy look like the kind of guy that enjoys corn dogs?

Put it on the resume. Drew Pomeranz was named the SEC's Freshman of the Week. Here at RSC, we also recognize Freshmen of the Week, but more for Gettin' Dranked than for athletic achievement. So, Drew, if you think you can hang with Rishaw Johnson, hit us up!

Somewhere, the bats were not hot. The Lady Rebels (that's softball) dropped a rubber match to Kentucky on Sunday, falling to 1-16 in the SEC and prompting accusations that (insert Ole Miss' softball coach name here if you know it) can't win the big any game.

OT commits; says dumb stuff. Emmanuel McCray, 6'5" 280 Offensive Tackle from Forest Hill, committed to Ole Miss over the weekend. More importantly, though, he said really funny stuff to Yancy Porter in an interview regarding his commitment. Yancy called the recruit "well-spoken," which is internet code for "lily-white and non-offensive to graduates of Jackson Prep." The recruit, who reported a 2.4 GPA and a 19 on his ACT, also told Yancy that "MSU, USM, Alabama, Tulane, some Ivy schools, Illinois, Navy, and Army" had been recruiting him. The closest your getting, Emmanuel, to "Ivy schools" is the Harvard of the South. The Ole Miss of the North is recruiting you about like Jerrell Powe is weighing in at 300 pounds.