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Rebel Roundup

If you think Ray Poole couldn't roundhouse kick Chuck Norris into next Saturday, think again. Ray Poole, an All-SEC Defensive End at Ole Miss and former assistant coach for John Vaught (who, by the way, interrupted his football career at UM to go fight the Japs in Dubya Dubya Eye Eye), passed away yesterday. Poole Drive, on the campus of the university, is named for Ray and his brothers, Buster and Barney, who were also Ole Miss football greats. Rest in peace, soldier.

Well, now that we've beaten the worst team in Tennessee... Ole Miss "surged" past Memphis yesterday to steal a 5-4 win over the 11-16 Tigers. Surge is an accurate description of what Ole Miss did to Memphis last night, because this team is starting to remind me of the War in Iraq. The Diamond Rebs will make up the Tuesday game that was rained out on April 29 at Nat Buring Stadium, Memphis' home "field." Ryan Perrilloux, Michael Brown, and Quinton Wesley will escort the team to provide security. The Rebels face Vanderbilt this weekend. That should turn out well.

Golf. Paul Katool writes about how we are okay at it.