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Rebel Roundup

Olé. Is it okay to laugh at the International Herald Tribune's headline for its coverage of tonight's HUGE game between the Ohio State Buckeye and the Mississippi State Bulldogs Rebels. In short, the International Herald Tribune has justified its existence.

Gimme dat board. Parish Alford writes about the Rebels' bread and butter - rebounding. If Ole Miss can keep snatching boards 2-to-1, they might be okay. This is not, however, firm evidence that Parish Alford actually watches Ole Miss athletics.

Dwayne Curtis couldn't be with us tonight. He is busy still playing basketball games. Mittittippi Tate's Jamont Gordon won the Cellular South Howell Trophy last night. No real surprise here, though, I would have picked Jarvis Varnado for the third finalist instead of Charles Rhodes. Quick! Can anyone name any player on Southern MIss' basketball team? No? Well, To the Top, anyway!