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Rebel of the Week: Drinkin' and Drivin' edition

Ah, drinking and driving; the only name of a crime that I can think of which consists of two normal, legal things. Yes, we all enjoy a nice Sunday drive, and who seriously doesn't love gettin' tow-up dranked every now and then Tuesday? Yet, these two enjoyable and otherwise normal activities are like oil and water: they just don't mix.

This weekend, former four star recruit/serious underachiever Allen Walker, an outside linebacker, was arrested for DUI. Walker was charged with a DUI and disregarding (see: being drunkenly unaware of) a traffic device. Normally we wouldn't celebrate these kinds of things (DUI is NOT COOL kids) but Allen Walker's shortcomings serve well to remind us that we are, in fact, Ole Miss.

Congratulations Allen! You're our new Rebel of the Week!

P.S. - I'm pretty certain this is what Ivory Tower was attempting to link to. Be patient with him. He's not too keen on the intrawebs.