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It should be noted that I don't support anyone. For anything. Ever. I'm a little too busy wondering whether or not Mike can win the big game.

However, I think I might have stumbled upon something worth politicking over.

You may have heard of the Lexington Brothers, Pickens and Durant, famous for their big hit "It's Okay to Hate Doyle Jackson." I'm not gonna link it when you're perfectly capable of getting on Youtube yourselves, you lazy bums.

What I will link is this here poll on the CMT website. You see, CMT has started a little show called "Can You Duet." It's a totally original concept, and I'm pretty sure there's not even a British dude on it, which is a plus.

Anyway, Pickens and Durant have taken time out of their busy schedule full of substance abuse and not moving on with their lives to try out for this program. Apparently you can vote for them at the link above. Will it help them win? I honestly don't know. Do we want them to win? Well, if you like the idea of LSU and Alabama getting trashed every week on nationwide cable in front of an audience of, literally, millions, thousands, tens of people, then try to keep them on TV.

But, if you're too lazy to click on the link provided for you, then, fine, I don't really care.