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Pete Boone's Justification: In Technicolor

So the Powe-Tron is getting re-bidded on. Apparently plastic pegs are pretty damned expensive and Boone just doesn't want to shell a lot of cash. While we joke about our athletic department's collective inability to make a good decision, it really is sad. The saddest part of all of this, of course, is the inevitable wave of apologists that will come out defending their (likely awful) choice. They'll all be wooed by Pete Boone's snake oil sales pitch and will be convinced that our new Powe-Tron is the dandiest thing since firework sensitive ribbon boards.

We won't buy it, however. We'll (you're included in this one, Cup-fan) be the collective Jim Halpert/Pam Beesley on this one:

(HUGE Tip o' the Hat goes to "Monsignor Larvell Jones MD" of NAFOOM, sorry we stole your joke)