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Ole Miss vs Arkansas Preview

Time to man up....

The Rebels are coming into a very important stretch of the season. This is no time to play games (well, the childish ones).

Anyway, here are the numbers:

Ole Miss vs Arkansas

Batting Average: .303, .287
Earned Run Average: 3.43, 4.55
Fielding Percentage: .967, .966

Pitching Match-Up:

Friday: 6:30

Lance Lynn RHP(5-1, 3.79 ERA)
Dallas Keuchel LHP (3-1, 3.14 ERA)

Saturday: 4:00
Drew Pomeranz LHP(4-1, 1.84 ERA)
Justin Wells RHP(3-0, 4.66 ERA)

Sunday: 1:30
Cody Satterwhite RHP(why haven't we given up on him yet?, 3-3, 4.83 ERA)
Cliff Springston LHP(4-2, 3.70 ERA)

It would be the easy way out to say that we will win Friday and Saturday and lose on Sunday. So, that's my prediction. Scores: 5-2, 8-1, 2-9