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Mmm...Deep Fried Corn Meal

Fine-tune your Orgeron impressions and spend a little time hanging out in the snack bar area at Wal-Mart (to adjust yourself to the smell) because the Bayou Bengals invade stink up Oxford this weekend. In a similar fashion as the annual November gridiron contest between these traditional rivals, the baseball series between LSU and Ole Miss has been a bit one-sided lately.

Ole Miss has not lost before the Super-Regional round of the NCAA Tournament since 2005; LSU hasn't made the NCAA Tournament since 2005. But, it's just like LSU to spoil our party, so there is no sense in being unprepared.

On Friday, the Tigers will likely start Jared Bradford, a 6'1" right-handed senior. Last weekend, Bradford blanked the University of Alabama to give LSU a 3-0 series-opening win. Of course, those three runs came on five hits, so it would be inaccurate to represent LSU as a "power-hitter." Bradford has a 3.91 ERA in 46 innings pitched. Their Saturday starter, Jordan Brown, has a 4.91, and their team ERA is a sporting 3.96 (compared to the Rebels' 3.39 - suck on that!).

In any case, LSU's 2-1 series win at Alabama is not nearly as cool as sweeping Vanderbilt. Ivory Tower feels good about Friday and Saturday games, but is a little itchy about Sunday. Nevertheless, I think the Rebels should be happy as long as they win the series and keep swinging the bats like they have in the last seven games.

Get LSU season stats here and Ole Miss season stats here.