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Miguel Guerrero- GOOOOOOOL!

It's seven consecutive wins for the Rebels, and the most recent one came against South Alabama on Wednesday. The Rebels were able to get big innings and score 10 runs en route to a 10-2 win. Instead of boring you with a game recap, I am going to throw out some stats from the game:

Michael Guerrero- 2 for 3, 3-run hr, 3 runs scored, 4 RBI
Logan Power- 2 for 4, RBI, run scored

Philip Irwin- 4.0 IP, 2R, 3 SO, 5H, 0BB
Brett Bukvich- 2.0 IP, 3 SO, 0H, 0BB, (got the win)
Jake Morgan- 2.0 IP, 3 SO, 0H, 1BB
Matt Tracy- 1.0, 1 SO, 0H, 0BB

Other notes:
On Tuesday, Jordan Henry played 2nd base for an inning or two. He made a great catch on a pop out in the 4-hole.
On Wednesday, due to some injuries, Logan Williams stepped in for Cody Overbeck at third, and Stuyverson played short for Evan Button. Williams was a former redshirt candidate, and he did not register a hit.
Bukvich's appearance was his first since his start against Western Kentucky, and he looked much better.