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Yes, Ole Miss is breaking away from its Southernly practices of moving slowly and has implemented a plan to give us a new basketball arena. Construction on the arena is set to begin in...2028.

Awesome! So when I am nearing 50 and my wife is going through menopause I'll be able to enjoy a new state of the art facility! Andy Kennedy 20 more years?

I just wonder if he'd still be wearing his Jorts which have become a staple around town?

Seriously, if this was the "major" announcement that was supposed to come out today then I think a collective "eff" you should be directed to our Athletic Director. Yes, it's great that we MIGHT have a new basketball arena in 20 years, but I don't consider this a "major announcement."

Maybe by 2028 Eli and his new bu will have produced another Quarterback for us and talks about bowling in the stadium will finally get under way!