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Les Miles: You Only Thought He Had Cajones.

This is ... this is just ... just too good to be true.

So, we all know how much Ryan Perrilloux totally blows. The answer: a lot. And, just in case you're too busy to click the links (which are absolutely incredible, by the way), here's, more or less, what happened: Perrillouxzzr was just trying to get dranked at a local brew-pubbery, when this guy, or someone like him, refused this modest request because "they were closed."

I just can't imagine this happening in Oxford. Here's the scenario: Jevan Sneed walks in to Parrish Baker's house at, I don't know, 3:47 a.m. on a Sunday morning. Would you expect Parrish to (a) call the cops, (b) have an intervention with the young man, or (c) tell Jevan that of course it's still Whiskey Wednesday and, by the way, this one is on the house!

I know what I'd do.

I mean, I hope El Sombrero isn't so gosh-darn embarrassed by Perrillouxzzr that he boots this guy right out of the State of Louisiana because a train-wreck like Ryan Perrilloux is certain to do more damage to this football team. This is, literally, the only pop culture reference I can think of that accurately reflects the recklessness of even letting this guy on a college campus, much less on the football team. And, of course, word is that The Mad Hatter has telephoned the owner of the establishment and the police offering his apologies.

Needless to say, there's two extra scoops of crazy in Baton Rouge right now.

EDIT: Apparently it's all just a clever rouse (Rouxzze?) and the restaurant is denying the aforementioned event ever occurred.

"Err, yes.... that's the story.... nothing happened, nothing happened at all...."